10 Gifts Any Outdoor Adventurer Would Love To Receive

Gift-giving is always a challenge. Sure, it’s the thought that counts. But sometimes, just thinking is not enough. And giving for the sake of giving can bring more harm than good. Instead of evoking a pleasant feeling, being given just a random generic gift can actually make someone feel unimportant. It can give the feeling […]

6 Ways To Keep Weight Gain At Bay During The Festive Holiday Season

Maintaining one’s desired weight is a challenge in itself. Maintaining one’s weight during the festive holiday season is doubly challenging to say the least. For how can you really deprive yourself further and say no to that mouthwatering feast when you have been tirelessly working the whole year round? A common interim solution will probably […]

5 Simple Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating

With all the scrumptious dishes that you are sure to feast your eyes on during this holiday season, managing your weight can be extra-challenging. There’s no need to pass up all those treats, though. With a few simple tips, you can still indulge in those delicious meals without having to worry so much about added […]