A Quick Guide On Cutting Different Types Of Meat

Different meat cuts require different cooking methods. To prepare your dishes the right way, it is important to practice proper meat cutting techniques. BEEF T-Bone/Porterhouse Steak: This is a filet mignon and strip steak joined together by a “T” bone. Cut against the grain by: Slicing off each steak from the T-bone. From the smaller […]

Why A Healthy Breakfast Is Important In Losing Weight

With the age of information and technology in full swing, the misconception that losing weight involves skipping meals should already be a thing of the past. Rather, the focus should be on the timing of one’s meals, its content, and its amount. Nothing sums up this idea better than this old expression: “Eat breakfast like […]

Help Keep Your Family Safe And Healthy Through These Food Preparation Tips

The way we prepare our meals can affect the health of our family. To avoid food-related diseases and unnecessary injuries, it is important to know and adopt safe food preparation practices. Below are some basic tips that can help keep minimize and prevent food-borne illnesses when preparing and cooking meals at home: 1. Keep the […]